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The Safe Room @ Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang

The Safe Room is the recent hit in town.  Joining the sprouting of many whimsical cafes with a touch of our heritage, it is located at Campbell Street ( 2 doors away from Sugar Honey and Moustache Houze). Among all these cafes fighting for regular patronage from us food-lovers, we have seen many of their attempts at introducing a specialty of some sort in hopes to satisfy the omnomnomnivorous in us. While liquid nitrogen ice cream has been in the scene for some time in other places, The Safe Room (TSR) is the first cafe to introduce this ingenious use of science in food. Like many other liquid nitrogen ice cream stores which we have seen in KL, TSR adopted a open kitchen concept in its attempt to engage customers in their ice-cream making process. You will be able to see the wondrous cooling property of liquid nitrogen and see the simple combination of fresh fruits and cream other ingredients transform right in front of you!

If you are about to buka puasa and craving for dessert at the same time, fret not! TSR also offers some food which are commonly found across all the cafes, namely pasta, mushroom soup, eggs benedict etc.. Unfortunately we went after lunch and thus weren’t able to make some quality stomach space for the food.


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US Pizza @ Lorong Delima 1, Greenlane, Penang

What first came to my mind when we first visited this place is US pizza is originated from US. Is only at one’s rightful mind that they will think that way. So I decided to google and do some research about the place :) The place is very well decorated with car plates from all around the States and New York Statue of Liberty. The colour and designs are so catchy that you tricked yourself in believing that you are actually eating your lunch somewhere in the States. :) *Slaps!!! Back to reality*. The background and table cloth is covered with hot spicy red colour with red lights to match :)

Another US Pizza restaurant pop out located at Gujarat,India instead of the one in Penang, Malaysia. Well be sure you check properly the right restaurant before placing your orders :) Else, someone else might get it :P. I also looked thru their menu, not the same too hence they are not franchise.

For any promotion, you can check out their FB page. I couldn’t find their official website. They also have their promotions display outside their shop. Be sure to check it out before ordering :)


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