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Huo Tan Wang Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat @ Jalan Bawasah, Georgetown, Penang

Recently we visited Huo Tan Wang located at the newly refurbished Chime Heritage behind Penang Plaza. Huo Tan Wang is well known for their charcoal fish head steamboat.The restaurant uses charcoal for their steamboat to enhance the slurp worthy rich and sweet taste of the fish soup based. On top of the ingredients inside the steamboat, we also ordered their chewy Hock Chew and Sai To fishballs / enoki / pork slices and some green veges. They were very generous in refilling the strong flavoured soup. *thumbs up*

The beautiful seafood mural paintings on the wall and the traditional steamboat pots sets the entire ambience. The murals of the sea animals like the gigantic prawn and their catch of the day made our stomach hungrier.

The air-conditioned is not fully blast and the lacking of ventilation causing the 2nd floor to be slightly smoking when dining. Definitely one would prefer to wear a casual outfit when visiting. :) However the prices maybe a little higher compared to other restaurants but nevertheless the quality of the steamboat (ingredients/soup) is above par. Overall, we are happy with the great service, and friendly owners.


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Char Koay Teow @ Siam Road, Georgetown, Penang

Siam Road Char Koay Teow stall already has its name on its own. It was our first attempt eventhough i’m a Penangite. :) For those not familiar to Penang, is near Anson Road and located next to Stacks Burger previously (they too have moved, click to find out their latest location). It is really hard to find a parking spot, and Siam Road Char Koay Teow lies at the corner of the junction on Siam Road. Thankfully despite rain or shine, the shop opposite the stall is open for dine-in, those are where all the hidden queue is located. I was conned thinking after the 4 people in front of me, it would be my turn!. Another reason to stop by, they don’t crazily hike up the price for a plate of Char Koay Teow. For small size, they charge RM4 and big size, RM5.50. Good things don’t come by easy, so sit back, relax and wait patiently for your koay teow to come! :D 


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Spade’s Burger @ Pekaka Square, Sungai Dua, Penang

Here we are on a burger quest, today new in the menu is Spade’s Burger. Situated at the 2nd Maxim Dim Sum Shop, Pekaka Square. In the morning, Maxim Dim Sum is open for business until up to 12pm. They actually have two shops, Spade’s Burger takes over in the evening to night time. Spade’s Burger is right beside the U-Soya Shop. They don’t have an actual shop name board up.

Spade’s menu is simple too! They have Chicken Patty/ Beef Patty / Famous Pork Patty and the new Mushroom Burger (Vege style). To go with the burger, we ordered their Potato Strips with AWESOME Sauce as side dish. It is always a must to have your burger with fries for us :)


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Stacks Burger @ Siam Road, Georgetown, Penang

Stacks Burger has been around for quite some time now. Since the burger craze has yet to die down, we decided to make time to try out their burgers. It was originally located near the infamous UMNO building but have moved to Siam Road.

Their menu is fairly simple, which by default consists of a Smoked BBQ Pork Burger Patty and Charcoal Burger Bun priced at RM8.80.

For those of you craving for something extra, the surcharges for additional items are fairly affordable :

Pork Patty (RM3.80)  / Cheddar Cheese (RM1.20) / Griddle-Fried Egg (RM1.00) / Streaky Bacon (RM1.50)

Pineapple Ring (RM1.00) and Mozzarella Cheese (RM2.00)


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