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La Vanille Cupcakes & Macarons @ Hutton Lane, Georgetown, Penang

Looking for homemade cupcakes, macarons, sweet delicacies or brunch, La Vanille is where you should be. The cafe is located at Hutton Lane, walking distance from Secawan ‘n’ such and New World Park food court. Look for the turquoise rabbit or shop if you are having trouble looking for the shop. :)  The coziness of the cafe was build up by the owner with a mixture of inspired culture and lifestyle thru her experiences travelling around the world. The delectable macarons from Paris was the main inspiration for her to start up La Vanille. The interior was build up with wooden furnitures and decoratives. Every single corner was specially design with its own taste and feeling. A great place for  gatherings and catch up sessions.


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Double Exposure Cafe @ Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown, Penang

Penang Camera Museum is known to be one of the main attraction spot in Georgetown, located at Muntri Street where the “Little Girl in Blue” mural drawn by Ernest Zacharevic is at. Launched on 31 Aug 2013 and officiated by the Penang Chief Minister in hope to create a better visualization for children in photography and eye opener for newbies. While walking thru the walls of the exhibition, one can immerse into the evolution of cameras from the eighteen century to the magic of photography in the dark room. Displaying a collection up to 1000 vintage cameras and accessories in the museum. They topped up with a toy camera corner where Disney cartoon meets vintage. What better way to end the tour with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in their cozy setting cafe.

Double Exposure Cafe is located at the last section of the Camera Museum in Penang serving assorted cakes, cupcakes, pies and light breakfast. Double Exposure Cafe served their drinks in camera lens cup which goes very well with the overall theme. Their concept is to have a chilling area after a 30-40 mins tour around the museum with simple wooden setup.  Preferably small group for gathering, as they might not be able to cater a table of 8 or more.


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The Safe Room @ Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang

The Safe Room is the recent hit in town.  Joining the sprouting of many whimsical cafes with a touch of our heritage, it is located at Campbell Street ( 2 doors away from Sugar Honey and Moustache Houze). Among all these cafes fighting for regular patronage from us food-lovers, we have seen many of their attempts at introducing a specialty of some sort in hopes to satisfy the omnomnomnivorous in us. While liquid nitrogen ice cream has been in the scene for some time in other places, The Safe Room (TSR) is the first cafe to introduce this ingenious use of science in food. Like many other liquid nitrogen ice cream stores which we have seen in KL, TSR adopted a open kitchen concept in its attempt to engage customers in their ice-cream making process. You will be able to see the wondrous cooling property of liquid nitrogen and see the simple combination of fresh fruits and cream other ingredients transform right in front of you!

If you are about to buka puasa and craving for dessert at the same time, fret not! TSR also offers some food which are commonly found across all the cafes, namely pasta, mushroom soup, eggs benedict etc.. Unfortunately we went after lunch and thus weren’t able to make some quality stomach space for the food.


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