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Restaurant Yunus Khan (Jiao Sai) @ Jalan Agryll, Georgetown, Penang

Jiao Sai Mee Goreng is very well known among the locals. Even if you haven’t try it, you would have heard about it.

You may be curious as to how the term jiao sai came about. For those of you who aren’t well versed in Penang’s conversational dialect, Jiao Sai is a Hokkien phrase for Bird Shit; fret not, they do not include that in their famed mee goreng.

The story behind this unappetizing name is that the humble restaurant earned it from the place where they were previously located at (Jalan Phee Choon) , and it just so happened that there were flocks of birds which left plenty of egestion material behind. Since then, they have moved to a new location (Jalan Argyll).

OKAY! So, they are famous for their Tomyam Maggi Goreng with Chicken and Original Maggi Goreng with Chicken. Both are served with a sunny side up. :)


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