Everyone has a story to tell; yinny and I have been together for quite some time now. Photography and eateries are what first drew us together. 

As we do not share the same interests (I like to shoot while she likes to eat), we came up with the notion of a blog to reconcile our interests. It started out with photo shoots of  food and sceneries, with our simple ritual of waking up at dawn on weekends just to capture scenic  sunrises before having our breakfast. The  morning strolls along the peaceful, quiet streets, holding hands and feeling the morning breeze  inspired us to where we are today-here. Our very first blog together.

We welcome you with open hands and sincerely invite you to scroll through our humble potpourri of yummy food, portraits and other visual yummies. I am chasechin, founder of this website and my loved one, yinny will be maintaining and recommending places to eat. Not only do we share about our food hunt, we will also share some of our lifestyle experiences and the cultural norms in Penang. On top of that, we are expanding our services to Invited Review, Food/Product/Event/Wedding/ROM Photography. Do also visit our Facebook page to see our work!

-chasechin- I am a passionate freelance photographer currently based in Penang, Malaysia. I have shot many assignments given by various clients, including Groupon Malaysia, Sumo Onigiri, ShutterZen.com, ExtionHD.com among others. I specialize in simple, minimalistic, dreamy and in-the-moment  photography styles as I prefer to keep my pictures clean, bright and straightforward to capture authenticity and deliver the story behind the image. I’m greatly inspired by the works of Kelvin Koh from LightedPixels, who’s also very well known for his dreamy and journalistic style for portraits/weddings pictures. ( P/S : I sure hope we will be able to get him to be our wedding photographer too since I can’t capture it myself :)) Feel free to check out my portfolio HERE

-yinny-  I am a Penangite, born and raised in this beautiful island that pulsates with vitality and the bustle of activities. My hobby is NOT eating ( I know this is not very convincing, judging from the amount of food hunts we have) but I do eat a lot! and GAIN weight :( A simple, bubbly and sometimes talkative girl, I  love trying out new eateries, experiencing new things and I am constantly looking for new hangout dens. Ever since my partner started this webpage, he encourages me to share my experiences and recommends the good stuff to other people. It would definitely be a good boost for tourism in Penang. So, with much feigned reluctance I can muster, I agreed.;) I cannot say I am not very excited about filling up my stomach with sumptuous delights every meal of the day can I? Anytime and anywhere, he will just lift up his camera and snap!

We also hope that by sharing our experience, it can help ease your decision on where to eat and what to eat. As such, we hope you can share your experiences with us too and recommend us new places to eat. We can always be your personal guinea pigs to try out your recommendations, whether posh, mamak or outward dodgy-sounding places. Who knows, your suggestion may end up as the next featured post!



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