US Pizza @ Lorong Delima Satu, Greenlane, Penang

A revisit to US Pizza, US Pizza is situated at Island Glades, Greenlane, one of the strategic location in the heart of Penang. Established since my schooling years, one of our favourite place to gather for birthday celebrations and reunions. With their attractive Tuesday deals, RM32 for two regular pizza or RM42 for two large pizza (saving up to RM23.90). Get a 30% disc off during weekday (11am to 3pm) lunch from RM8.38 onwards. The place is well decorated with car plates from all around the States and vibrant choice of funitures to match the setting.


Introducing the all new 6″ Crunchy Pizza at RM12.95, served with a crunchier crust finish. At the fantastic 4 priced @ RM32.95 you can get the set of four of 6″ crunchy pizza available for all existing flavours.


Italian Way / Italiano Chicken 

For a Italian choice, opt for the Italian Way, a mixed of chicken or beef pepperoni and chicken meat loaf topped with mushroom, green pepper sprinkled with the oregano herbs for extra flavour. Or the grilled italian herb chicken using the creamy cabonara sauce and mayo as the pizza based with the italiano mix herbs for a more fragant taste


Tuna Delite / Tomyam Chic

Fancy for tuna, a safer choice would be to go for their traditional tuna pizza. For a adventurous choice, opt for their spicy thai tomyam chicken pizza into your menu. 


New Yorker Beef / US Favourite Beef 

For beef lovers, don’t forget to dive into the pepperoni and double cheese pizza one of US all time favourite or opt for their pepperoni, meat loaf and grounded beef with slices of mushrooms. 


Spicy Chicken / Aloha Pizza 

For a spicier choice, one of the chef’s choice would be a mixed of slice chicken and cayenne pepper. Even the outlook is a warning :D For milder choice, would be to opt for the juicy and chunky pineapple with meat loaves and double layer of cheddar. 


Penang Special 

Don’t miss out their Penang Special, for a spicier choice, opt for the local mixed of tuna, spicy ikan bilis (anchovies) topped with green pepper, onion and cayenne pepper.



San Francisco Fabulous 4 (Promo price : RM38 only (Normal Price – RM52.95)

A mix of their top four flavours. Comes in two different base, their US Pizza made cabonara sauce and US pizza made Duncan sauce. The duncan sauce has a sweet and bbq flavour after taste. The mixed with the mozarella cheese with slices of bbq smoked duck and pineapple chunks OR the chicken/beef pepperoni slice with the pineapple chunks. The new flavours cannot be changed and only available for the San Francisco Fabulous 4. The cabonara sauce pizza is topped with tempura prawn, chunky crabmeat stick and capsicum sprinkled with mix herbs. For the other quarter, they surprise us with their spicy chunky chicken with slice pineapples with cayenne pepper. Serving it with their US Pizza Thin & Crunchy crust. Just like how they post it, the crust is made to perfection thin and crunchy

Grab their newly launch San Francisco Fabulous 4 at their  PROMO PRICE FOR RM38 Only and available all day long (till further notice). Normal price will be RM52.95.


Regular Hand Toss Pizza (9″) – Ocean Delite (RM23.95) 

Dive into their cabonara spread ocean delite consist of big shrimp and chunky crab meat top with onions, green pepper and mix herbs. We love the original hand tossed crust as much as the thin and crunchy / garlic cheese crust. The crust is crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the inside


US Pizza Lasagna (Chicken)  (RM19.50) / Ocean Carbonara  (RM17.50)

The amount of the lasagne layers overwhelms the mince chicken and was slightly overcooked. If you like the ocean delite, you can opt for a spaghetti version.Using the cabonara sauce, cooked together with the chuncky crabmeat, mushrooms garnished with mixed herbs.


New York Wings(8pcs) (RM12.95) / Florida Honey Wings(8pcs) (RM13.95)

Highly recommended their best selling new york wings and honey wings, it was finger lickin’ good. The new york wings are BBQ and spicy flavoured, US pizza version of buffalo wings. For a less spicy option, one can opt for their honey chicken wings which is one of the children’s favourites.


Italian Grilled Chicken Salad (RM12.50) / Mushroom Soup (RM 5.95)

The grilled chicken salad consist a mix of chunky chicken with slice carrots and greens. The grilled chicken was a little too dry for my liking but it was healthy combination for a lunch menu.


Cinnamon Twisty Bread (RM3.95) / Crazi Garlic Twist (RM3.95)

Shout out for their US Pizza Crazi Garlic Twist and Cinnamon Twist. Similarly to the texture of the crust, both the garlic and cinnamon twist is crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the inside. Our personal preference would be to dip it inside the mushroom soup top with cheese powder.


Choco Mania (RM6.95) / Milk Shake (Chocolate) (RM7.00)


Frozen Naked Lemonade (RM6.50) / American Blended Coffee (RM7.00) 


Ice Lemon Tea (RM4.50) 



Location :

3D, Lorong Delima Satu, Greenlane, 11600 Penang

Contact :

+604 – 655 2828

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 11.00am – 10.00pm

GPS Coordinates :

5.385731, 100.304273

Map :


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