Black Kettle Cafe @ Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang

Hopping from one cafe to another had became a trend in Penang. Not sure which to choose? You would probably want to add Black Kettle to your list. Located along Beach Street, parallel to Chulia Street serving a variety of English style bread loaves and a list of brunch items to choose for dine in. Highly recommended is their freshly baked croissants and bread loaves. We are lucky to be able to catch the head chef in action carrying tray after tray of freshly made loaves hot out of the oven. Tempting us to grab a loaf of their poppy seed flavour home with us.

Unlike other cafes, Black Kettle is spacious and elegantly design. The interior is design different in every section, there is a corner with greens and natural sunlight and the cozy couch with white arch design. The bakery and order counter is located at the front of shop, where the customers are given an ample of space to have their on private conversation comfortably.

Black_Kettle_Cafe_Beach_Street-02Egg Benedict (RM24.00)

The egg benedict is fast becoming a staple in the menu of cafes mushrooming in Penang. Black Kettle’s version is one of the few which scores above average in the quality of poached egg, the fluffy texture of the muffin with a rocket salad seasoned just enough. The Hollandaise sauce achieves a good harmony of cream and acidity, glides smoothly with each mouthful. Recommended if you are an Egg Benedict fan!


Chilli Omelette (RM16.00)

Or a choice of their asian style chilli omelette cooked together with slices of red, green chillis and bits of chickpeas. Don’t be deceive by the red chilli slices, the spiciness level are bearable. The unique combination is also served with spicy sausages, baked beans, rye bread and some green rockets. A well balance meal to begin the day.


 French Toast (RM16.00)

For a sweeter choice, one can opt for their classic french toast topped with vanilla sauce and fruit compote. I love the component use to make the fruit compote. The sweetness of the compote is used to replace the usual maple drizzle for the toast. My wild guess on the compute is a mixed of strawberries and apples. (perhaps more but don’t quote me on this). This is one my personal favourite after the egg benedict.


 Croissant (RM3.30)

To rate the place in Paris, choose the one with the best croissant. Black kettle definitely nail it when it comes their bread / english loaves and croissants. One of the best in Penang so far! It is soft and fluffy in the inside and crispy crust on the outside. Croissant lovers, you will get what i mean! Don’t miss this! i’m sure is worth a try! Kudos to the chef!


 Hot Chocolate (RM10.00)

Sipping the hot chocolate here brings back memories of the mornings when we were at Paris. The strong aroma of the chocolate flavour melts into your mouth together with the foam.


 Long Black (RM9.00)

Claimed to be their Golden Bean award caught my attention. They freshly brewed coffee has a strong aroma, bittersweet taste. It was slightly too strong for my liking but nevertheless being one of my daily must have, i sipped it till the very last drop :)





Only a slight drawback, to maintain their food quality, the prices are slightly higher for a one portion brunch.


Food Rating : 8/10

Environment Rating : 8/10

Service Rating : 8/10


Egg Benedict : RM24.00

Chilli Omelete : RM16.00

French Toast : RM16.00

Croissant : RM3.30

Hot Chocolate : RM10.00

Long Black : RM9.00


Location :

105, Beach Street, 10300 George Town, Penang

Contact :

+604 – 251 9270

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 7.30am – 11.00pm

Nearby :

Chew Jetty / Balai Polis Chulia Street / Mugshot Cafe / Junk Cafe / Plates & Inch 

GPS Coordinates :

5.415458, 100.339633

Map :


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