PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown, Penang

As part of the Georgetown heritage trails, Lebuh Muntri is well known for its art mural, “The little girl in blue”. Located within walking distance to the Unesco Heritage Trail and the famous Chulia Street and Love Lane, Plates is situated at the heart of Georgetown, just opposite the Camera Museum.

Plates started their operation on March 2015, and has been serving brunch to a steady stream of customers from 10am to 3pm. From 5pm-12am, they also serve other snacks on top of their extensive brunch menu.



French Toast (RM14.00)

This banana french toast came highly recommended. We enjoyed the generous slices of caramelised bananas sandwiched in between the toasts which were lightly dipped in beaten eggs. The serving of mascarpone cream with maple syrup drizzled over simply elevated the dish and made it even more sinful yet delish. It was a pity that the dish was rather cold as we savored every bite.



Eggs Benedict (RM19.00)

Eggs Benedict is another usual suspect found in most cafes serving brunch, yet Plates managed to add a little something to their rendition. A mixture of portobello mushroom, boiled asparagus, slices of smoked salmon and two poached eggs resting on some toasty english muffins, not forgetting the touch of Hollandaise. Our eggs could be more runny but we believed it was a minor issue which was well within our room for leniency.



Prawn Pasta (RM16.00)

Prepared aglio olio style but with a Malaysian twist, the prawn pasta had a nice spicy kick to it from the chilli padi and peppers. We especially enjoyed every bite of the freshly peeled prawns.



Chicken Spinach Pasta (RM16.00)

Who doesn’t love a good serving of creamed spinach? We had some al-dente Tagliatelle with some cream sauce, spinach and cubed mustard chicken. Some fresh onions and sweet tomatoes were thrown in to help balance off the heaviness from the cream sauce.  It was a dish we definitely enjoyed having and look forward to reordering in the future.


Oreo Cheesecake (RM12.00)

We needed something sweet to cleanse our palate after the heavy meal and ordered their oreo cheesecake. The texture was a little too tough for my liking but we loved how they added some blueberry sauce to add some complexity to the flavors, especially when the flavor profile of cheesecakes tend to be rather plain and boring.


White Vanilla & Grapefruit Tea (RM9.00)

I am usually more of a coffee rather than tea person, but this scented tea had so much fragrance and a combination which got me head over heels. It was very refreshing and light to sip on.


Cappuccino (RM9.00)

Simply had to get my daily caffeine dose no matter where I go :)


Fancy a bubbly breakfast? Plates is having a promotion such that you can enjoy the BOTTOMLESS spanish bubbly (Noche y Dia Yellow Label Cava) with any breakfast item at just RM80. Perfect for the alcoholic in you :)

The promotion is only applicable at specific times: 10am-3pm on Saturdays/ 9am-3pm on Sundays.






Plates has a clean, no frills kind of set-up. If you’re looking for a fancy place to sip tea with your girlfriends, you may be looking at the wrong place. However, we do appreciate the team behind Plates for keeping the price competitive for the quality food they are serving.

*Special thanks to Plates and Inch for their invitation.


French Toast : RM14.00

Eggs Benedict : RM19.00

Prawn Pasta : RM16.00

Chicken Spinach Pasta : RM16.00

Oreo Cheesecake : RM12.00

White Vanilla & Grapefruit Tea : RM9.00

Cappuccino : RM9.00


Location :

44, Lebuh Muntri, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.

Contact :

+604-261 1693

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sat : 10.00am – 3.00pm

Sun : 9.00am – 3.00pm

Nearby :

GPS Coordinates :

5.420187, 100.335845

Map :


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