Hinode Seimen Udon 日の出製麺うどん @ Automall, Karpal Singh Drive, Penang

Hinode Seimen Udon known as a fast food japanese style restaurant serving udon/ramen soup and a variety of tempura. Situated at the new stretch of shop houses along the Automall Karpal Singh Drive and one shop away from Coffee Smith. The interior was coated with a japan street painting on their walls with bamboo sticks and mask hanging down from the ceiling. With the limited space, they were only able to set in small rectangular wooden tables and chairs. To ease the customers as they are operating in a self-service mode, a free flow of tea is place in the central spot of the shop.

Their menu is simple to read. First, you choose the noodle of your choice (Udon / Ramen / Pumpkin Ramen and Green Tea Ramen). Step 2, select the soup base of our choice. If you are adventurous, probably opt for their kelp bonita or the spicy soup. A safer choice would be to have the miso base. One selling point about the Hinode is that, we are given a wide variety of tempura to choose from. Which leads us to Step 3, select the side dishes and sauces of your choice. Lastly, pay at the counter and grab your tea :)




Udon (Spicy Soup) (RM4.90)

Not a common choice, but we decided to pair the udon and spicy soup together. We were under the impression that spicy = the red flaming hot chillis. We were prepared to drink a gallon of water. It wasn’t as spicy as how we thought it would be. After a few mouth full, we were hoping to have a spicy after taste. It taste almost similar to the bonito soup but with chilli added inside. We flood the bowl with their complimentary spring onions and chilli powder.


Pumpkin Ramen (Bonito Soup) (RM4.90) (Kaarage Chicken and Yam not included) 

I decided to opt for the pumpkin ramen served with two slice of Japanese beancurd, seaweed flakes and the bonito soup. The bonito soup taste bland on its own with a mild fishy taste. The combination with the pumpkin ramen makes the meal more appetizing and sweet in taste. The ramen texture was abit too hard and not as bouncy and chewy as i expect it to be. The cook probably intended to serve it just right, Not too soggy nor is it too raw. Nonetheless, it would be personal preference, it is never easy to satisfy every customer.


Yam (RM1.00) / Karaage Chicken (RM3.50)


Sweet Potato (RM1.00) / Fried Chicken (RM3.50)

A selection of tempura to choose, tempura chicken, tempura seafood (prawn, soft shell crab, fish, calamari) Or for a healthier choice, opt for their tempura sweet potato, yam, egg plant, lotus root and it goes on with the list. The unique part of this shop is that we can choose the tempura of our choice with the ramen of our choice. Their tempura side dishes were not served hot hence lack of the crunchiness when dipping with their radish sauce.







Food Rating : 5 /10

Environment Rating : 5 /10

Service Rating : 5 /10


Udon (Spicy Soup) : RM4.90

Pumpkin Ramen (Bonito Soup) : RM4.90

Fried Chicken : RM3.50

Karage Chicken : RM3.50

Sweet Potato : RM1.00

Yam : RM1.00


Location :

No 29C-01-10, Maritime Piazza, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5, 11600 Georgetown, Penang

Contact :


Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 12.00pm – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 11.00pm

Nearby :

By the Sea Restaurant/ Sungai Pinang Food Court/ MCD Jelutong Promenade

GPS Coordinates :

5.398093, 100.329850

Map :


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