Zest Bar & Cafe @ Glow Penang by Zinc, Macalister Road, Penang

Located along the busy Macalister Road, lies the beautiful modern grey color building with striking yellow strips on their window. A unique choice of artistic paintings and a selection of vibrant colours pillows to match their furnitures. Interesting choice of hotel setup to capture the hearts of young couples, budget travellers and food hunters. Glow Penang was newly built in late 2013. Being part of the Zinc, a hospitality management company built to provide comfortable bedding, basic gym access, free WIFI access, self served breakfast to go and great showers and amenities. Strategically being at the heart of the Pearl Orient, win the heart of tourists visiting Penang. On top of that, a fair price for such convenience is definitely something  worth bragging about. So, what’s around. One road away from Burma Road, drop by New World Park for their hawker delicacies (Char Koay Teow / Asam Laksa / Curry Mee and etc …), or drop by the famous Abu Siti Lane coconut drink to quench your thirst or the famous Chee Cheung Chuk ( in New Lane which is 200 metres down away). If you are less adventures, Zest Bar & Cafe, take the elevator down to Level 1, to try their thai and western selection in their lunch menu.

Check out what we think about their western food here : -



 Miang Kam (RM8.00)

The traditional snack from Thai is a mixed of ingredients wrapped in leaves and eaten in one bite. . A combination of the sour lime, crunchy bits of the salted peanuts, spicy slice chillies, ginger, garlics and the chopped shallots sweetness all blend together with the light rojak sauce. The dish is commonly served as appetizers.



Tom Yam Goong (RM18.00) / Tom Kha Gai (RM12.00)

A Thai meal will not be complete without savouring their red / white tomyam soup as the benchmark. Fresh prawns dipped inside the red spicy tomyam soup. Fancy less for seafood? Opt for their white tomyam chicken soup, it may have a more bland look, but you will be surprise with the strong milk coconut taste flavour mixed with the spicy hot chillies that intriguing one’s taste bud. The tender chicken meat with spoonful of soup goes even better with the white rice served.


 Pad Thai (RM15.00)

Differ from our local fried Koay Teow, the Thai style fried koay teow noodle has additional raw bean sprouts and crunchy peanuts mixed together and making it more tasteful with a squeeze of limau kasturi. Serving it in the pattaya way, wrapped with the fried egg to contain the taste and keeping the warmth of the noodle.


 Yam Moon Sen (RM12.00)

Glass noodle salad with fresh prawns, ginger flower and lime leaves.


 Som Tam (RM10.00)

Slice young papaya with dried shrimps and spices.


 Gaeng Keow Wan (RM18.00)

The aromatic thai green curry with a mixture of coconut milk and green curry with thai basil leaves.The spicy curry cooked together with brocollis and green peppers is a great combination with steamed white rice. On the menu, there is a choice of chicken or prawn green curry.


 Gaeng Massaman (RM18.00)

Not a common delicacy but worth a plateful to gobble down the throat. A selection of chicken or beef cooked with roasted peanut curry sauce and slice potatoes. The savory Massaman paste is made up of a mixed of chillies, shallots, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, cilantro seeds, cumin, cloves, pepper and shrimp paste blend together.


 Kaeng Phet (RM18.00)

Spicy red curry and vegetables with the choice of prawn or chicken.


 Pad Kra Prao (RM18.00)

Sauteed Spicy Minced Chicken or Beef of your choice cooked with the Thai Kra Prao leaf. Minced chicken with blend of spice mixed together for a appetizing and aromatic taste. Not everyone favour the smell of the leaves, but with the slight spiciness to spice up the dish, it makes the overall dish perfect.


 Khanom Khao Mao (RM7.00)

Looks delicious and taste delicious too! It may look like the ordinary goreng pisang. Well, thicker in its taste and texture. The unique part about the dish is the additional grated coconut mixed with sticky rice served for dipping with the fried banana. The crunchy texture blends with the coconut and melts in the mouth. It would be great if we were served warm!


 Sang Kaya Fug Tong (RM7.00)

Another unique dish worth to try in the dessert section. The round and squashy texture steamed pumpkin, with custard and coconut milk mixed together. The sweetness of the pumpkin lingers in the mouth. A dessert that is not commonly seen in Penang or introduced to us when we enjoy our Thai cuisine. Dipped with honey and sesame seed for the extra sweetness but it is just nice without it too! :)

*Special thanks to Glow-Penang Hotel for their invitation


Tom Yam Goong : RM18.00

Miang Kam : RM8.00

Tom Kha Gai : RM12.00

Pad Thai : RM15.00

Yam Moon Sen : RM12.00

Som Tam : RM10.00

Gaeng Keow Wan : RM18.00

Gaeng Massaman : RM18.00

Kaeng Phet : RM18.00

Pad Kra Prao : RM18.00

Khanom Khao Mao : RM7.00

Sang Kaya Fug Tong : RM7.00


Location : 

101 Jalan Macalister, GLOW Penang, Georgetown 11400, Penang

Contact : 

+604-226 0084

Opening Hours :

Monday – Sunday (Daily) : 7am – 12am

Nearby :

 Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow / Abu Siti Lane Mi Kari / Marshall Burger / Komtar

GPS Coordinates :

5.416636, 100.322929

Map :

View Larger Map

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