Tree Bar @ G Hotel, Georgetown, Penang

Penang’s night scene is saturated with night clubs and pubs which largely includes binge drinking and vomiting your guts out the day after, at least for teens and young adults these days. We do not endorse such lifestyle and much prefer to just lounge somewhere without feeling the vibrations of loud music on our skin. Tree Bar is one of G Hotel’s baby which was launched not too long ago. It is in close proximity to the backdoor of G hotel, right next to Chilli’s.

Tree Bar is named so because the bar is designed to encircle this big rain tree with the species name “Albizia Saman”. It was intentionally built around it because good environmentalists from G hotel decided that it is a pity to cut off this beautiful 80 year old tree. We sure glad that they kept they tree because it adds so much character and uniqueness to the place. It looks absolutely chill and serene with its dimmed lights and hanging decor at night, simply gorgeous!

We love Tree Bar for many reasons. Apart from its tasteful lounge music, the food was what stood out for us. Most food from bars and pubs leave a bad if not horrible impression I believe, and Tree Bar completely elevates the idea of bar food to something that is not just edible, but sophisticated and good. They offer a myriad of bites and fillers which are priced from RM16++ onwards, which we thought was very reasonable for the quality of food they serve.


Smoked Salmon Voluvents (RM 28.00) / Crab Cake (RM 22.00)

One of our absolute nibbles from the menu is Smoked Salmon Voluvents, which are little rolls of smoked salmon sitting on some sort of pastry shell. Simply drizzle some tangy lemon juice over and devour it in one mouthful! Interestingly enough, the dish was also served with little edible flowers at the side. We thought they didn’t value add, but rather just improves the overall aesthetic of the dish; and maybe for you to have a little fun with eating flowers while sipping on your cider!

Another of their new additions to the menu include Crab Cake, which left us a little confused with its taste; we were debating between fish or chicken. That being said, it was crispy on the outside and served with their special tartar sauce which was made from scratch. We were told that all the sauces were special concoctions made by the chefs themselves, which left us pondering about the possibility of making sauces ourselves :)


Triple Mini (RM 33.00) / Battered Fried Fish (RM 19.00)

Remember the hard times when you had to choose between lamb, beef or chicken to go with your burger because the waiter was at the table and everybody placed their order already? The Triple Mini helps solve issues since it comes in all three! This dish comprises of three mini burgers, each of a different meat patty and comes with fries of course. It wasn’t a remarkable dish but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Nothing to complain about good ol’ burgers.

Our fish fingers came coated in a crispy skin and we loved the creamy and fresh fish sticks inside. Apart from lemon wedges, these fish fingers were also served with their special tartar and another specialty of theirs, Wasabi Mayonnaise! It was a good combination for us, but we know that not everybody can handle this gooey green goodness so do stay away from this little pot if you know for a fact that you can’t take it!


Surf N’ Turf Quesadilla (RM 32.00) / Deep Fried Calamari (RM 19.00)

Surf and Turf in a quesadilla? I’m sold! We enjoyed the mix of beefy chunks and some juicy lobster meat with some tomatoes and cheese. Would’ve been better if there were more melty cheese in it to hold the quesadilla filling together better!

These calamari rings are god-sent. Crispy and simply beautifully cooked, none of that overcooked rubbery nonsense. We also enjoyed exploring different combinations of the three sauces which were served alongside, tartar, Wasabi mayo and also chilli sauce. We especially like that they are generous with their potions because bar food are infamously small-portioned and horrible taste-wise.


Kueh Pie Tee (RM 16.00) / Golden Chicken Wings (RM 21.00)

This Kueh Pie Tee is no ordinary pie tee. Instead of your usual radish fillings, it contains some spicy minced beef in a crispy pie tee shell. You may like this combination or you may not, either way there is no harm giving it a try because we liked it!

Marinated with calamansi and served with sweet chilli dip, these Golden Chicken Wings are sure tasty. It has a sour refreshing tinge with a crispiness on the outside, all this while maintaining the juicy flesh inside sweet and tender. After all the korean drama propaganda, surely you know what a great combination fried chicken wings and beer can be?


Guacamole & Tortilla Chips (RM 14.00)

There are times when you just want something light to snack on, and Nachos can give you the joy of munching on that extra crunch without the added calories like a plate of french fries. Served with guacamole and salsa, these are the perfect snack for a chill night of lounging by the bar.


Gyoza (RM 14.00) / Grilled Otak Otak (RM 14.00)

Some of the more unusual food with asian-twists from the menu include Gyoza and Grilled Otak-Otak. Don’t automatically assume that these will be terrible because 1) its a bar and 2) its not an asian restaurant. The gyoza skin was thin and the fleshy filling was on the point. It was served with a vinegary soy dip which was refreshing upon bite and delightful to taste.

For those unfamiliar, Grilled Otak-Otak is minced fish mousse mixed with local spices and coconut milk, wrapped in “nipah leaf” before going onto the grill for some toasting. These may not be everybody’s cup of tea and it surely makes an odd snack to be taken with drinks, but it was sure tasty. Unfortunately, the process of eating this requires the removal of the leaf and eating off the leaf which can be rather messy and not glamorous. Unless you can get down and get (your hands) dirty, we advise you to steer clear from this plate.


Their selection of liquors and beers is also sufficiently extensive. On top of that, their pricing is ridiculously affordable to compete with!

They offer a Buy 1 Free 2 promotion for draught beer like Carlsberg, Asahi and Connor’s ALL DAY up until 9.30 pm, after which will be Buy 1 Free 1.

For other selected beers like Stella Artois, Lowenbrau and Hoegaarden, there is a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion from 12 pm till 9.30 pm.


We know beers can be bad for the waistline, and people usually rack up the bill with bottles and special mixes instead. Tree Bar currently offers the new Absolut Tower priced at just RM99++. Yes you heard that right TOWER! Instead of the usual beer towers, it is filled with absolut vodka with a plethora of flavours like Blush, Sex on the Beach, Light, Pandan-roska and Ginger-licious. Absolut Vodka enthusiasts, you can thank me later!

Apart from beers and ciders, there is also a list of cocktails available for orders, albeit somewhat limited in types. We had a go at some mojitos, Malaysian Dream, Blue Hawaiian, you name the rest.





Tree Bar is planning to expand its territories backwards to accommodate more customers eventually of the growing group of loyal client returning for the ambience and quality. If you’re looking for a quiet yet casual place to have some drinks with a date or friends, this is a place which you should consider, especially with the convenience of all the restaurants and shopping available within the perimeter.

*Special thanks to G-Hotel for their invitation.


Smoked Salmon Voluvents : RM 28.00

Crab Cake : RM 22.00

Triple Mini : RM 33.00

 Battered Fried Fish : RM 19.00

Surf N’ Turf Quesadilla : RM 32.00

 Deep Fried Calamari : RM 19.00

Kueh Pie Tee : RM 16.00

 Golden Chicken Wings : RM 21.00

Guacamole & Tortilla Chips : RM 14.00

Gyoza : RM 14.00

 Grilled Otak Otak : RM 14.00


Location :

168A, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown, Penang

Contact :

+604 – 238 0000

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 11.00am – 1.00am

Nearby :

G-Hotel / Gurney Paragon / Gurney Drive Hawker Food Stall / Evergreen Laurel Hotel

GPS Coordinates :

5.437860, 100.310331

Map :


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