Coffee Affairs @ Lebuh Bishop, Georgetown, Penang

It’s ONE MORE MONTH to CHRISTMAS! Jingle Bells Jingle Bell! As the school bell rings, it marks the beginning of SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! The shopping malls and restaurants are busier than usual. People from near and far flooding Penang just to savour the good hawker foods and visit the heritage cafes. We stumbled on another new spot (not so new to Penangites) to check out. Coffee Affairs served freshly roast specialty coffee beans from different countries and delicious assorted pastries. The cafe offers brewing classes and purchase of brewing equipment.


Chunky Chocolate Peanut Crepe Cake (RM11.90)

The chocolate peanut crepe would taste better if there is balance between the chocolate cream spread and chunky peanut butter spread. Topped with chunky peanut bits and chocolate drizzle combine together. Chocolate lovers may want to put this into your list :D




 Affairs Traditional Waffle (RM13.90)

A filling flower liked crispy waffle with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and maple syrup. Love the tender and fluffiness of inner waffle.



Mandheling Brazil Blend (RM10.90)

Biscotti with their Mandheling Brazil Blend is a great combination. I love the aroma of the coffee as the barista brewed thru the siphon. Even by sniffing the aroma of the coffee, one can tell a great choice of coffee beans are used for brewing :)









Food Rating : 8 /10

Environment Rating :7 /10

Service Rating :7 /10


Chunky Chocolate Peanut Crepe Cake : RM11.90

Affairs Traditional Waffle : RM13.90

Mandheling Brazil Blend : RM10.90


Location : 

21, Lebuh Bishop, 10050 George Town, Penang

Contact : 

+604-261 4060

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun : 11.00am – 12.00am

Nearby :

GPS Coordinates :

5.418244, 100.342119

Map :


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