Secawan ‘n’ Such On Hutton @ Hutton Lane, Georgetown, Penang

Secawan ‘n’ such On Hutton is within walking distance from New World Park and just a few shops away from the famous House of Udang Galah situated along Hutton Lane. It primarily serves breakfast foods like pancakes, french toast and eggs benedict, not forgetting several pasta dishes which is almost a must for most cafe spots nowadays. Also, its refrigerated glass display by the cashier keeps all its cakes and desserts chilled and ready to be served in this hot Penang weather. We truly enjoyed the comfortable and cozy cafe setting in Secawan, not forgetting its thoughtful interior that leaves just enough space between tables for private conversations.




Pancake (RM14.90)

Why waste your precious stomach space on some carbs you say? The sister had some serious cravings for pancakes and we are lucky this did not turn out to be a disappointment. The pretty plating definitely is an added bonus.

The pancakes are topped with a few slices of strawberries and fresh cream. What we thought to be the key of this dish was the addition passion fruit puree and maple syrup at the side. The pancakes were sufficiently fluffy, and we simply adore the sour and sweet combination of both sauces. Take a piece of the strawberry, a generous cut from the pancake, some cream, a little drizzle of both sauces and Voila!




 Rocky Road Cake (RM9.50)

We were rather hesitant to order this cake as this then was a newly introduced product and we have yet to come across good reviews. Well we might as well be the first to give one right?

Despite being a rather small slice, it promises to deliver a good deal of chocolate in one mouthful. Chocolate cake laced with chocolate cream and marshmallows, our only complaint would be that the marshmallows on top weren’t torched to melty goodness. Otherwise, this rocky road is to stay.



 Carrot Cake (RM9.50)

This carrot cake sure packs a punch of nutty goodness in its meager slice. We could taste the carrot, the walnuts, the raisins, the cinnamon, the cream cheese all in one bite. Love how it is generous with the nuts and not overloaded on the cream cheese like how so many other cafes sadly do. Also, we are big fans of moist and yet fluffy cakes thus we truly love how they are able to retain the moisture level well. However, if you cannot appreciate cakes that are denser than chiffon cakes, you may have to give this a go.



Matcha Latte Green Tea (RM9.90)

This was unexpectedly a pleasant surprise and damn were we glad that we ordered this cuppa! This is no ordinary green tea latte as it carries this unimaginable lightness in its green tea flavor, perfectly balanced off with a Chai and light cinnamon aftertaste. We love our Chai and so we love this to its very last drop. If you are not a fan of Chai, please do give it a try still because it doesn’t have the strong Chai taste that you despise, and you will be surprised by the balance between Green tea and Chai, simply a match made in heaven! Need I say more?


 Banana Strawberry Orange Juice (RM13.00)

We were hoping for a freshly blended combination of fruit juice. However to our dissapointment, it turn out to be a mixed of banana and orange with strawberry puree. It was refreshing but lack the oomph we were looking for. You would want to opt for other interesting flavors to try instead.





We are all for quality over quantity; Secawan offers a limited range of food items and drinks, but it has not disappointed us yet so far. Possibly due to its remote location, there aren’t many customers when we visited on a fine weekend afternoon. Then again, we aren’t complaining about not having to queue :)


Food Rating : 8 /10

Environment Rating : 8 /10

Service Rating : 7 /10


Pancake : RM14.90

Rocky Road Cake : RM9.50

Carrot Cake : RM9.50

Matcha Latte Green Tea : RM9.90

Banana Strawberry Orange Juice : RM13.00


Location : 

205, Jalan Hutton, 10050 Georgetown, Penang

Contact : 

+6019 – 528 8112

Opening Hours :

Tue – Sun : 8.00am – 12.00am

Nearby :

GPS Coordinates :

5.422089, 100.326846

Map :


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