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Coffee Smith @ Maritime Piazza, Karpal Singh Drive, Georgetown, Penang

Coffee Smith is the new talk of the town located at Maritime Piazza along Karpal Singh Drive/ Jelutong Promenade. Coffee Smith is a franchise restaurant from Taiwan, serving their famous Artisan coffee and western-italian food. The industrial themed interior design is definitely on of the star factors. I love the concrete finishings and the “tong” converted arm chairs. My fellow Instagrammers out there, here is a place with much photo ops! Be it the vintage telephones, the 3D painted clock tower or the assorted old school light bulbs. The press ad styled menu is a nice finishing touch. Two thumbs up for the food plating as well :)

Coffee Smith’s MUST TRY would be the Artisan coffee (picture below). I confess that I have this habit of ordering coffee black and then shyly going back to request for a cup of milk. Just because they can never get the RIGHT combination! With Artisan coffee, I now have the luxury of my own version of the perfect coffee. The first small yellow cup is the espresso, the larger cup in the middle would be the center of attention black coffee. Finally you get a mini jug of milk. Be it a latte, cappuccino or an espresso, mix and taste away!


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Gartien Pineapple Cakes – Mid Autumn Edition @ Gartien 小田佳园, Jalan Penang, 10000 Georgetown, Penang

After the seasonal tropical fruit season, marks the beginning of the Mid Autumn festival. In conjunction to the Mid Autumn festival, famous for their pineapple cakes is now launching their Mid Autumn edition promotion. is a Penang based company, set up locally with the idea to share good food with quality ingredients. Each delectable cake is filled with fresh pineapples and flavorful yolk filling coated with the delicious pastry dough where they obtained their FRESH RAW pineapples from the local plantations in the mainland Penang.

The well package pineapple cakes are now AVAILABLE for booking : -

BY 4 AUGUST 2014:
In order to get your FREE BOX of Gartien 小田佳园 Pineapple Cakes with EVERY 5 BOXES purchased, please submit your pre-order form by 4 August 2014 at

In order to get your FREE BOX of Gartien 小田佳园 Pineapple Cakes with EVERY 10 BOXES purchased, please submit your pre-order form at

For 10 pieces of pineapple cakes is RM45 per box (self collect). A fix courier charge of RM10 will be applicable for Peninsular Malaysia and RM40 will be applicable for East Malaysia respectively.

It will be a fixed price per box throughout the year.

If you are thinking of getting the typical mooncakes as a Mid Autumn gift, why not opt for Gartien’s Pineapple Cakes! Their gift box is suitable and fancy for those travelling back to their hometown, Gartien made it easier for their customers by delivering it to their customers’ doorstep.


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Classic Manicure and Pedicure @ Crystal World Nailszone, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Take a break from urban toils and saunter into Crystal World Nailszone in Bayan Lepas where dainty fingers surrender to the hands of trained therapists with more than two years of experience. Customers may choose from a selection of O.P.I colours for their mani-pedi sessions and pamper themselves further with nail art embellishments. With this RM38 Groupon deal, you get a classic mani-pedi (RM70 value) from Crystal World Nailszone in Bayan Lepas.

80-min package includes

  • 30-min classic manicure (RM30 value)
    – Shaping
    – Cuticle cleaning
    – Cuticle oil treatment
    – Hand massage
    – Base coat application
    – Nail colour application
    – Top coat application
  • 50-min classic pedicure (RM40 value)
    – Shaping
    – Foot callus removal
    – Cuticle cleaning and oil treatment
    – Foot massage
    – Base coat application
    – Nail colour application
    – Top coat application.


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The Safe Room @ Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang

The Safe Room is the recent hit in town.  Joining the sprouting of many whimsical cafes with a touch of our heritage, it is located at Campbell Street ( 2 doors away from Sugar Honey and Moustache Houze). Among all these cafes fighting for regular patronage from us food-lovers, we have seen many of their attempts at introducing a specialty of some sort in hopes to satisfy the omnomnomnivorous in us. While liquid nitrogen ice cream has been in the scene for some time in other places, The Safe Room (TSR) is the first cafe to introduce this ingenious use of science in food. Like many other liquid nitrogen ice cream stores which we have seen in KL, TSR adopted a open kitchen concept in its attempt to engage customers in their ice-cream making process. You will be able to see the wondrous cooling property of liquid nitrogen and see the simple combination of fresh fruits and cream other ingredients transform right in front of you!

If you are about to buka puasa and craving for dessert at the same time, fret not! TSR also offers some food which are commonly found across all the cafes, namely pasta, mushroom soup, eggs benedict etc.. Unfortunately we went after lunch and thus weren’t able to make some quality stomach space for the food.


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Coffee Elements @ All Seasons Place, Air Itam, Penang

Another place to enjoy a good cup of freshly brewed coffee is Coffee Elements. Located on the first floor of All Season Place, Air Itam. With the newly opened mall, locals living in Air Itam, Farlim and Paya Terubong have more option for catching up sessions, meals and light grocery shopping all in one place. Their interior walls are filled with unique mural paintings and interesting graffiti designs surrounding the place.The vibrant colours of the tables and chairs made the place more lively and cozy.

You can also enjoy the delicious foodies at Coffee Elements in Gurney Paragon but it is less spacious compared to the one in All Season Place. Remember to place the orders at the counter before the food is served to the table :)


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