Idealite Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza, Georgetown, Penang

Idealite Restaurant was established in year 2011 by Mr Tan Yong Jen and his another 5 associates whom are recognized as a registered Homeopath Therapist and Nutritionist. Focusing on eating healthy and right became their main focus in the business. They started their business at a corner of their house in Penang Island and slowly expanded to their very first IDEALITE restaurant at Jalan Gottlieb.

Today, they made it more convinient for us by opening in the shopping malls! :) Their branches are located inside Queensbay Mall on the North Zone and the other one is inside Gurney Plaza beside Kim Gary restaurant.

It was definitely an eye opening experience for first timers like us!  Non-vege lovers. Every dish serve was not only unique but it taste just as good as the ones we usually consume in the local restaurants. The dedication and tentativeness of the owner to capture the hearts of many definitely deserve a *like*. The effort of transforming limited ingredients to a similar taste is definitely a huge challenge.



Japanese Hericium Salad (RM17.70)

The salad is served with hericium, seaweed fishy, fresh veges like tomatoes, lettuces, carrots spread with the secret receipe sesame sauce as the dressing. The sesame sauce is sweet in taste and blends with the dish very well. It is a must try for their hericium and seaweed fishy! Love it very much. In their menu, they also helped to educate us on the end effect, like slimming and gives more anti-oxidant for the salad.


 Hokkaido Vege Sushi (RM9.70)

The unique sushi is made from rice rolls stuff together with burdock, purple cabbage and a plethora of vegetables. Served with plum sauce. Taste a bit flat on its own. Preferably to eat it with the plum sauce for a better after taste. This dish helps strengthen the immune system.



Japanese Golden Dumpling (RM10.70)

A must try snacks in their menu, using tofu and white cabbage to make the fillings giving a more solid texture but yet a moist taste. The unique part is you can’t tell what are the fillings made of from the taste of it.



Provence Tempura Mushroom (RM10.70)

Another surprise, they used the hericium mushroom to replace the tempura chicken / meat. I wasn’t so fond in eating mushrooms but indeed, this is one unique and healthy snack that i will consider eating. Hericium mushroom is among one of the Four Great Dishes in the world. It is tender, flavorful and delicious in taste. It helps increases the appetite, enhance the mucosal barrier function and has positive effect on neurasthenia and peptic ulcer. It has the anti-aging properties and significant effect in inhibiting gastric cancer.



Nyonya Rendang Chee Cheung Fun (RM13.70)

Unique taste for rendang, served together with the hericium mushroom, long beans, brinjals, bean sprouts. The chee cheung fun taste a bit flatter and different from the ones we eat in the hawker. It goes very well with the rendang. The oat milk is used to replace the santan which enhance the taste better.



Signature Nasi Lemak (RM15.70)

The curry taste has the right spiciness and taste. It taste like the typical curry chicken on first bite.  Here’s the surprising part, the curry is made up with sweet potatoes, potatoes and maybe abit of the hericium mushroom. A MUST TRY if you like nasi lemak, but at the same time you want to eat healthy.  THIS SHOULD BE YOUR CHOICE :) Along with the condiments like long beans, seaweed fishy, cashewnuts, taufu and egg.



Signature Hakka Lei Cha (RM14.70)

Lei Cha is not a common dish served in Penang. The taste something that is less preferably for majority. It consist of carrots, long beans, steam nuts, taufu, pumpkin floss and preserved veges. As the sauce, a cup of green tea is served separately. In the Lei Cha, the tea is use to cure all aliments, lower down the cholestrol, ease digestion, boosting the immune system and providing antioxidant. Both is mix together as an overall dish. I’m not so fond in eating this due to the strong and weird taste of the thick sauce.



Black Pepper Eryngii Mushroom Meal (RM13.70)

All meals are served with bean sprouts with pumpkin floss, papaya with black sesame, brown rice and corn soup. The black pepper eryngii mushroom  has a lighter sauce taste. It has the slimming and improving the immunity effect.



Bak Kut Teh Rice (RM13.70)

Unsure how the soup can be so tasteful, but this healthy bak kut teh recipe is definitely a MUST TRY in their menu. The main ingredient should be the hericium with black mushroom, wolfberries, taufu, tao pok and egg.



Royal Sweet & Sour Hericium Meal (RM18.70)

The sweet and sour hericium, is ordinary in taste. The sauce is a bit too thick for my liking. It has a stronger capsicum taste in my opinion. Paired with pumpkin floss with yao mak, papaya and brown rice. Achieving a 8 habits of healthy eating with the right amount of protein, fiber, carbs in a meal.



Hokkaido Miso Ramen (RM15.70)

The soup uses the pumpkin as the based which brings up the sweetness of the overall dish. It is a good blend of pumpkin and soy bean paste to create the taste of the miso. Don’t be deceived by the look of the dish. MUST TRY.



Green Curry Ramen (RM13.70)

I’m a bit more reserve on the taste of the green curry ramen. Partially because it is slightly more watery compared to the creamy based paste. Cooked with brinjals, long beans, hericium mushrooms with a sprinkle of slice chilli, torch ginger flower and sesame seed. Using also the oat milk as the replacement for the santan.



Thai Style Spaghetti (RM16.70)

The thai style spaghetti is not very spicy and slightly salty for my liking. Using the olive oil to fry the spaghetti with the slice of button mushrooms. The taste of the sauce is lighter and more oily compared to a chicken bolognese sauce / tomate based sauce.



Fu Wa Hot Spring (RM 8.70)

MUST TRY in the menu. The wolvberries enhance the sweetness of the soup. Using button mushrooms and pumpkin as the main ingredient in making the soup taste better. You also have an option to have it with egg or without the egg.


Idealite Chee Cheung Fun ( RM4.70) 

Serving us their secret sauce as their main speciality to go along with the chee cheung fun. The chee cheung fun made is without benzoid acid with a sprinkle of black sesame and sesame seeds. It might taste slightly plain if you take it without the sauce. The sauce taste sweet almost similar to the one we have in Genting Cafe, Island Glades. One of the the secret for the sauce is using seaweed as part of the ingredients.


Sesame Bun / Fu- Wa & Fong Yi (RM6.70)

I love the oozing sesame filling melting in my mouth for the sesame bun. It may look plain but the taste is definitely eye opening and less sweet. Suitable for kids.

Fu-Wa & Fong Yi are panda buns made from lotus filling.


Pumpkin Piglet Bun (RM6.70) 

Every detail of the cuteness of the piglet figure is carefully design. Using the beetroot to make the ear and carrot to make the nose. Making it too adorable to eat. The natural pumpkin sweetness fillings is moderate for taste. Suitable for kids too.



Food Rating : 7.5 /10

Environment Rating : 8 /10

Service Rating : 8 /10


Japanese Hericium Salad : RM17.70

Hokkaido Vege Sushi : RM9.70

Japanese Golden Dumpling : RM10.70

Provence Tempura Mushroom : RM10.70

Nyonya Rendang Chee Cheung Fun : RM13.70

Signature Nasi Lemak : RM15.70

Signature Hakka Lei Cha : RM14.70

Black Pepper Eryngii Mushroom Meal : RM13.70

Bak Kut Teh Rice : RM13.70

Royal Sweet & Sour Hericium Meal : RM18.70

Hokkaido Miso Ramen : RM15.70

Green Curry Ramen : RM13.70

Thai Style Spaghetti : RM16.70

Fu Wa Hot Spring  : RM 8.70

Idealite Chee Cheung Fun : RM4.70

Sesame Bun

Fu- Wa & Fong Yi : RM6.70

Pumpkin Piglet Bun : RM6.70


Location : 

3F-60, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang


+604-226 7296

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 10:00am – 10:00pm

Nearby :

Gurney Paragon / Gurney Drive Hawker Food Stall / Evergreen Laurel Hotel / G-Hotel

GPS Coordinates :

5.438243, 100.310001

Map :


品味舒食 Idealite

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  1. Reply
    GenYong May 7, 2014

    Idealite has a good concept of vegetarian dishes but the pricing range is too high for penang consumer. Just my opinion maybe because Penang has a lot of vegetarian stall on the street but never see before so high pricing vegetarian food ever. :(

    • Reply
      chasechin May 10, 2014

      Thanks for the feedback :) I’m sure the owner will appreciate and take into consideration on your feedback. They also try to maintain the quality and freshness of the food ingredients when serving their customers.

  2. Reply
    applefish May 14, 2014

    nice pics! mine one will be up soon :)

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