Talk Talk Wine Bar @ Pekaka Square, Sungai Dua, Penang

Talk talk Wine Bar has been around the neighbourhood expanding from just Tok Tok Cuisine to a wine bar spot taking up 2 storeys tall of the Pekaka Square building in Sungai Dua. With a simple concept where friends and family settling in one corner to talk / chit chat while enjoying the trendy and unique interior ambience without the interference of technology. The initial approach was to have NO WIFI concept but due to numerous request, they gave in to the customers :) 

On the first glance on the interior, it was definitely a mind blowing concept. Reusing the raw materials from iron pipes, old window planks, old sockets, old doors, and the traditional wires with a magic touch of refurbishing. Tadaa! Owned by two bosses, where one of them is the architect of the shop. He would spend his time scribbling ideas on the weekdays at the corner of their shop feeling inspired. For me, it will always have to be great ambience and great food. That’s where we will settle ourselves at. Another thumbs up to the shop for providing lunch/ dinner/ snacks with a variety of choices for drinks from coffee to beer to wine. Not only do they cater for the young adults but they also suit the needs of family with kids and the adults in the 40-50’s. Jazzing up the place on Fridays and Saturdays with live bands performance. The jazz selection of music on the other weekdays too is a very interesting choice.



Tomyam Seafood ( RM38 (S) RM68 (L) ) 

Has more coconut milk (santan) taste and slightly on the spicy taste. The level of spiciness and sourness is just nice for a typical penangnite. In the large bowl of tomyam, they have alot of fresh seafood ingredients such as prawns, fillet fish, squid and herbs gives a distinctive flavouring to the soup. The huge portion is enough to feed up to 8-9 people in a table.


Green Curry Chicken (RM25)

The green curry is abit oily in taste and it has a strong coconut milk (santan) taste. Served chicken slice, brinjals and long beans cooked together with the curry leaves and red chilli for a stronger aroma and spiciness. By eating it with rice, it will lightens the oiliness of the food. We personally prefer a creamy taste style green curry as the base.



Fish Cake (RM4.50 per piece)

The fish cake is very well -seasoned where the spices blends in very well with the kaffir lime leaves and fish paste. The key of creating the bouncy texture for this dish is to whipped the fish paste until becomes very viscous. It taste similarly to the otak-otak taste but it is slightly salty in taste. Dipping into the traditional thai sauce completes the entire dish.


Siam Egg (RM12)

Another unique MUST TRY, on my first thought the green vege taste similarly like chives. I’m not huge fan of green vege but this simple Thai style fried egg omelette is worth trying. It is fried to perfection with the crispy edges and a golden hue that is extremely savoury for just a simple home-cooked food.


Kapao Mu (RM28)

This dish is abit too spicy for my personal liking. The combination of the steamed chicken cooked together with the long beans / dried chillis / basil goes very well. The chicken meat is tender and juicy in taste.


Mix Vege (RM18)

The mix vege is a mixture of lotus root, white cabbage, black fungus, thinned slice carrots, baby corns and green peas all stirred fried together similar to the traditional chinese style of cooking. However what drew me back most is the taste of the sauce. It is sweet and fishy taste at the same time.  The fishy taste is a typical Thai style of cooking.



 Sar Hor Fun (RM12.90)



 Fried Hor Fun (RM12.90)

Slightly burnt in taste but it has a lot ingredients in one plate. *thumbs up for that* It would taste nicer if it has lesser burnt taste. The portion is just nice for a table of 5 :)



Steak (RM68)

MUST TRY in their western menu, the steak is consider their newest add to the menu. Served in medium well where there is a hint of pink in the middle of the steak. The surface is nicely cooked at the right fire and well cooked. Served with the light mushroom sauce where both the combination just melts into your mouth upon the first bite. Served together with boiled veges and wedges to go with the main course. However one draw back is the price of the steak. A bit on the high side. Nevertheless if filling up your tummy is more important.! THIS is a MUST TRY.



 Pork Chop (RM32.90)

The pork chop is the simplest dish served. As you cut open you can see that it is not marinated with any sauce in the inside.Using only the lean portion of the pork to make this dish. The grilled meat taste juicy and tender. I was a bit hesitant about the dish being too plain when it was served with no gravy but turns out that the taste is pleasantly nice with just a pinch of salt and maybe some light ingredient. A healthy choice :)  I didn’t really like the taste of the salad. The vege mix combination is a bit strong for my liking.


Grilled Chicken Thigh (RM26.90)

The grilled chicken is one of the cheapest in the menu, another MUST TRY. The chicken is deep fried until the skin become crunchy and crispy in taste with a spread of black pepper on top to complete the meal. It has a great seasoned mamee taste in the chicken. The black pepper enhance the chicken better.


Pork Bacon Cabonara (RM21.90)

If you are into pasta for dinner, you can choose the cabonara or the oglio olio. We were given the cabonara for testing. In my opinion it is abit too creamy and cheesy for my liking. It would be alright to have 3-4 bites but it would be too much for the entire bowl. Suitable for cheese lovers. However, it is a must to have the bacon. Enjoyed the well cooked crisypy bacon serving it together with the mushroom.







Food Rating :  7 /10

Environment Rating : 9 /10

Service Rating : 8 /10


Thai Cuisine (Available every day except Mon)

Sar Hor Fun :  RM12.90
Fried Hor Fun : RM12.90
Siam Egg :  RM12.00
Kapao Mu : RM23.00
Mix Vege :  RM18.00
Tomyam Seafood (L) :  RM68.00
Green Curry Chicken :  RM25.00

Western Cuisine (Available every day)

Pork Chop : RM32.90
Grilled Chicken Thigh : RM26.90
Steak : RM68.00
Pork Bacon Carbonara : RM21.90


Location : 

2-G-3 & 2-G-4, Pekaka Square (Bangunan Lip Sin), Lebuh Pekaka Satu, Sungai Dua, 11700 Penang

Contact : 

+6012 218 5990

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 11:00am – 2:00am

Nearby :

GPS Coordinates :

5.349664, 100.294917

Map :


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    Penang Ho Chiak May 2, 2014

    The Tomyam Seafood looks special. :-)

  2. Reply
    Gerald May 15, 2014

    Thanks for the great review Chase!!

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