Edo Ramen @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Georgetown, Penang

Goku Raku in Gurney Paragon is now rebranded to Edo Ramen. Opened on 7th April 2014 with their new menu giving a new fresh approach to ramen indulgence at a greater value ranging from RM9.90 for a bowl of ramen. Edo ramen introduces us to Tokyo-style ramen, a unique recipe created by notable ramen connoissseur, Mr Tetsuya Fukino where ramen enthusiasts can choose from four types of ramen soup (TOKYO, TONKOTSU, MISO AND BLACK) and 2 categories of topping together with their authentic handmade ramen. The term Edo was the former name of Tokyo in the Japanese Samurai Era. With their simplified menu, it allows the consumer to make their selection more conveniently and easily.

First choose the soup of your choice, the ultimate option gives you four extra toppings ( Seaweed, braised pork belly, japanese fish cake and the lava egg) vs the standard option. You can customize it your way with the add on option below the menu.



Ultimate Tonkatsu Ramen (RM15.90)

The tonkatsu broth is a thick broth made of pork bones which is boiled over medium to high heat for 12 hours, leaving a hearty pork flavouring and creamy consistency. The whiteness and creaminess of the soup base is from the emulsified bones  We will rate the taste of the classic tonkatsu ramen soup best among the other soup in the menu.In the ULTIMATE option, it is served with the tender succulent char siew, sweet corn, pak choy, seaweed, japanese fish cake and my favourite toppings ( braised pork belly and lava egg). You can have your own ADD ON option on the bottom of the list.




Ultimate Miso Ramen (RM16.90)

Miso is a mixed of tonkatsu blend with Japanese soybean paste with creamy texture. It has a darker colour base, thicker and slightly sweeter broth. The soybean paste taste a bit too strong for my liking vs the classic taste.It doesn’t taste like the typical miso soup that we savour in the Japanese restaurants also.



Aburi Char Siew (RM11.90)

For starter, we were given a plate of Aburi Char Siew. The tender char siew meat is served with garnished spring onion, chilli oil, sesame seeds and slice onions. It is a bit too oily and the flavouring is a bit light for my liking.


Boiled Gyoza (RM5.90)

The boiled gyoza is served with the chilli oil and garnished spring onions. The meat filling is tender and juicy in taste. Maybe it is due to the chilli oil, that the overall dish is a bit too oily for my liking.



Pan-Fried Gyoza (3pcs) (RM5.90)

Unique way of cooking the gyoza, where the gyoza is first boiled and then it is pan fried together with the paper like crunchy base. It is dipped with vinegar for more enhanced taste. The meat filling is tender and juicy but we prefer a more burnt and fried gyoza version.



Don’t miss out their latest promotion, JUST PRINT THIS VOUCHER AND you are entitled to a FREE plate of gyoza (3 pieces) when you spend a minimum of RM30. Just present this voucher before payment. 



Food Rating :  7 /10

Environment Rating : 8 /10

Service Rating : 8 /10


Ultimate Tonkatsu Ramen : RM15.90

Ultimate Miso Ramen : RM16.90

Aburi Char Siew : RM11.90

Boiled Gyoza : RM5.90

Pan-Fried Gyoza : RM5.90


Location : 

Lot 163D-1-05, Gurney Paragon Mall, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang

Contact : 

+604 226 0961

Opening Hours :

Sunday to Thurs : 11:00am – 10:00pm / Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays : 11:00am – 11:00pm

Nearby :

Gurney Plaza / Gurney Drive Hawker Food Stall / Evergreen Laurel Hotel / G-Hotel

GPS Coordinates :

5.435853, 100.310886

Map :


Goku Raku Ramen

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