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Pinetree Cafe @ Jalan Sungai Dua, Gelugor, Penang

Last week, we received an invitation from Tour Directions to revisit Pinetree Cafe @ Jalan Sungai Dua. Hosted by Mr Cheng partnering with another two bosses, we were introduced to their new menu and their top 9 dishes MUST TRY recommended to their customers. With their new concept, new revise prices at a more affordable range to cater for the students in USM and young working adults yet maintaining the quality of the food. Definitely a thumbs up!

To create the ambience, Pinetree also got Mr Rois to serenade us with his beautiful voice while strumming his guitar in the main hall. We are certainly most captivated by his oldies and modern pop songs.

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KO.B.Q Korean Restaurant @ Precinct 10, Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Check out the Korean Dak Galbi Meal for 4 People at KO.B.Q Precinct 10 for only RM69! The meal includes a big portion of Dak Galbi (stir-fry marinated chicken in korean chilli pepper paste with vegetables), korean fishcake soup, udon/ramen/rice and korean side dishes :) Don’t miss out this great deal~ Scroll down for the Groupon deal link.


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Kizuna Japanese Restaurant @ Bay Avenue, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Scouting for somewhere new to eat near FTZ area? It was through the word of mouth from a few friends recommending this place that both me and Chase decided to check it out. According to them, Kare is a MUST TRY if you are a Kare lover. We also did some reviews research online to check out their menu, unfortunately for us, they were not serving sushi when we visited. (which they proclaim it to be a MUST TRY too) Since it was our first visit, we would opt for recommended choices at the safe side.  

绊 Kizuna, is a Japanese word meaning “bond”. They started their operation in the beginning of 2013 locating at Bay Avenue, Bayan Lepas (Beside Eastin Hotel Penang). With a basic concept of casual dining restaurant focusing on quality and a unique mix of traditional and modern Japanese dining. The cozy ambience and dim lighting has made it more comfortable for the customers to sink into the chatty and homey mood right away. Because the place is small in size, the noise would be in a controlled manner.


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Porridge Time @ Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Porridge Time’s 11th outlet is now in Penang. Opened in Queensbay Mall North Zone near Okomen and HotStar. Serving different type of rice porridge a.k.a as congee and dried noodles in their menu. Congee is made from white rice which is boiled for a long time until the rice breaks down and becomes a thick texture. Most of the time, the congee is eaten with salted duck eggs, pickled vege/tofu, century eggs, youtiao, bamboo shoots and canned dace with black beans. We have more variety now, where our congee is eaten together with fresh seafood / frog / chicken / minced pork with meatballs for a better taste. Asians have this belief where porridge is for the sick and old to eat. :)

Porridge time uses the olden traditional claypot as our bowls when serving. This help to keep the warmth and the aroma of the porridge while the customers are eating. We love the texture of the porridge, smooth and melts into your mouth. Easy to eat for infants and old grandparents. :) The portion is enough for 2-3 person per bowl. For the price that we are paying, it is considerably reasonable and good service. *thumbs up*


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Tong Pak Fu with @ Penang

A few clicks to your daily meal/ favourite dessert :) So we decided to share our little secret of our Valentine’s Day date with you. Here’s what we did !

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