Javrie Restaurante & Pizzeria @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Georgetown, Penang

If you are wondering where to go for a hearty meal tonight for Christmas Eve, you may want to check out Javrie Restaurant & Pizzeria located at Gurney Paragon Mall. The restaurant is well decorated in the 70’s theme, utilizing the vintage poster-montage wall as a background for the momento photographs filled with scrumptious homemade pizzas, mouthwatering mushroom soup and unique ramen burgers. There is also an added touch of smooth wooden wall with glass panes to separate diners and passer-by shoppers, creating the perfect ambiance away from the hectic shopping scene just outside.

Hot deals from their menu includes their variety pizza options such as flaming tropical seafood, BBQ meat fiesta and tomyam chicken delight. AND the list goes on…

We chanced upon a Groupon deal of cash voucher RM 50 for just RM 25 and decided to give this new place a try.



 Italiano Original Crust Pizza (RM25.80)

For all you cheese lovers out there, this is the one pizza that will leave you wanting more after each slice. It’s difficult to find a decent pizza joint that offers good pizza with just the right amount of every ingredient, but for Javrie’s pizza, we give a THUMBS UP! What we loved so much about their pizza was their generosity with the mozzarella; nothing better than the strings of melted cheese as you tear off each slice of pizza from the good old wooden pizza pan. Their crust comes in two choices, original and This’ n Crispy. We actually took the recommended original crust, where the dough is just good in size and portion.

The perfect balance between the chicken ham, pepperoni, mushroom,onion and green pepper also indicates how Javrie deserves to be THE pizzeria to visit.



 Bolognese Chicken (RM16.80)

Having raved about the Javrie’s pizzas, the Bolognese pasta with chicken turned out to be a disappointment. Much to our dislike, the tomato base pasta sauce was a little on the sour side. As you can probably tell from the picture, the sauce was also a little watery for us. It is probably wise to stick to just the pizzas.



 BBQ Chicken Wing (RM15.80)

What we loved about the wings: the sauce and texture! The chicken wings has a slight crisp on the outside from the frying, and coated in sweet tangy BBQ sauce. The combination we chose was appetizing, but we have yet to give the other two sauces (Sweetchilli & Buffalo) a try because there’s only so much two can eat. Those juicy wings will have to wait for our next time visiting the place.


Also, in their menu, was their Grilled Chicken / Beef burger and the famous mouthwatering Ramen Burger to try that we will have come again another time.

The environment is cosy and comfortable, great place for gatherings and for you to grab a hearty meal if you have the time to spare. Love the wooden setting and the NOT pack feeling. Not a place for the busy working population if you’re on a rush because service there can be a little slow.


Food Rating :   8/10

Environment Rating :  7.5/10

Service Rating :  6/10


Italiano Original Crust Pizza : RM25.80

Bolognese Chicken : RM16.80

BBQ Chicken Wing : RM15.80

Service Charge 10%


Location : 

163D-5-16, 18 & 19, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, Georgetown, 10250 Penang

Contact : 

+604-218 9013

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 10.30am – 10.30pm

Nearby :

Gurney Plaza / Gurney Drive Hawker Food Stall / Evergreen Laurel Hotel / G-Hotel

GPS Coordinates :

5.435821, 100.310888

Map :

View Larger Map


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