Hot Bowl White Curry Mee @ Abu Siti Lane, Georgetown, Penang

What is curry mee? Penang Curry Mee is one of the MUST TRY hawker food when in Penang. This dish is made up from the thin yellow noodles and rice vermicelli (which we call bihun / bee hoon ) here served with spicy curry soup and coconut milk. To complete the dish, locals usually add in extra ingredients like dried tofu (tau pok), pig’s coagulated blood cubes, prawn, cuttlefish, chicken, boiled eggs, long beans and cockles. Just thinking about it, i’m sure you are already drooling. In certain places in Southeast Asia, especially southern Malaysia, Johor and Singapore calls it Curry Laksa.

Why this place? When we first visited this place, Hot Bowl White Curry Mee was filled with tourists and locals queuing up just to eat their curry mee / deboned chicken. Despite the long queue, we waited patiently for a table and try for ourselves. Unlike other Curry Mee stalls in Penang, Hot Bowl has a lighter pale colour soup compared to others because less coconut milk is used, hence the locals call this place the White Curry Mee. On each table, they prepared a container of chilli paste for the customers to add in at their own will. The homemade chilli paste helps to flavoured the overall taste better and spicier. Their shop is situated along Lorong Abu Siti. Also nearby is the famous Abu Siti Lane jelly coconuts and fresh coconuts.



White Curry Me (RM4.00)

The taste is very authentic and mouth-watering. The yellow noodle, tauge and rice vermicelli is cooked and served on spot. For a more flavoured taste, you can dipped in a tiny spoon of the homemade chilli paste. We, locals usually add more to spice up the flavouring of the noodles. The portion is abit small for a big eater. So, for big eaters, you might want to order the large size.

Other than their signature White Curry Mee, also in their menu is the smooth Koay Teow Noodle soup. Served together with homemade minced meat, meat ball and mushroom slice with some garnished scallions and fried chopped garlic oil. The clear broth soup uses the chicken bones and pork to be boiled together for the stronger taste. The broth taste so yummy, that Chase wipe the bowl clean. :) The portion is abit small for a big eater. So, for big eaters, you might want to order the large size.



Chicken Hor Fun (RM4.00)



Deboned Chicken (RM10.00)

Another MUST TRY in their menu, the chicken is abit cold upon serving. I’m not sure if it is meant to be a cold cut / appetizer, or the dish was not served when it is hot. The chicken meat is very tender eventhough it is cold. The middle size portion is just nice for 3 people. Served together with some scallions, slice cucumbers dipped with soy sauce.




The place is abit small and crowded most of the time. Will need to queue up during peak hours. Very very hard to find parking spot. It was almost their closing time when we visited. So, if you want to avoid the queue, you might want to go during 1pm plus to 2pm. Service, not very good.


Food Rating : 7.5 /10

Environment Rating : 5 /10

Service Rating : 4.5 /10


White Curry Mee : RM4.00

Chicken Hor Fun : RM4.00

Deboned Chicken (Pak Cham Kai) : RM10.00 (For 2 pax)


Location :

16-A, Lorong Abu Siti, 10400, Penang

Contact :

+604 227 3168

Opening Hours :

Tue – Sun (Closed on Monday) : 8:00am – 3:00pm

Nearby :

Abu SIti Lane Coconut / Marshall Burger / 7 Village Koay Teow Thng / Tunes Hotel / Him Heang Biscuits

GPS Coordinates :


Map :

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Hot Bowl

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  1. Reply
    Farcella Marcellus February 9, 2014

    Hey, I liked your post. But I was wondering, is this THE BEST white curry mee in Penang? If there is, any location suggestion or perhaps blog review (link maybe?)? I would really appreciate a lightning speed reply. Thanks.

  2. Reply
    chasechin February 10, 2014

    You can try the curry mee at Teluk Bayan food court in Bayan Lepas area. It’s one of the best curry mee i’ve ever eat in Penang ;)

  3. Reply
    Lys March 29, 2014

    The service is lousy. Went there last week. As we also ordered the chicken, requested for plates to eat the chicken with the curry mee. Not sure whether she was the boss’s wife but she was rude. Commented that who’s gonna wash the extra plates we requested. If not for my cousins who were there from out station we would have walked off.

    That would me my last trip there.

    • Reply
      chasechin March 29, 2014

      Sad to hear that :( Service is definitely another important point for a restaurant to success, apart from food. Hope they’ll improve their service :D

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