Okomen Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Okonomi means ‘what you want’ or ‘what toy like’ while Yaki means grilled or cooked. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake. Okonomiyaki is widely available throughout Kansai or Hiroshima areas of Japan savour it differently. It was first invented in WW2. Okonomiyaki is prepared much like a pancake. The batter made from flour, grated nagaimo, eggs, shredded cabbages, slices of onions and pork mixed alll together and fried on both sides on a hot plate/pan using a metal spatula. The spatula is later used to slice the dish when it has finished cooking. Usually savour together with the okonomiyaki sauce and dashi/aonori/katsuobushi flakes.

Okomen Japanese Restaurant, is the new restaurant in Queensbay Mall. Unlike other Japanese restaurants, they specialize in okonomiyaki and ramen instead of sushi and sashimi. It has been a long wait for Penang folks for the opening of both Okomen and Sushi Tei situated at the north zone inside the mall.




Buta O Special (RM25.80)

The pork flavored soup taste is not very strong. For a stronger taste we added some fried garlic into the soup. The pork is slice is tender. I personally would like to compliment how the egg was made. 3/4 cooked. The white part is still soft while the yolk has already harden. Served together with tender and juicy braised beef brisket.



Spicy Chicken Hot Stone Rice (RM18.80)

Similiar like the korean bimbimbap, we mix together the minced chicken, kimchi, mung bean + green veg and an egg. The overall taste is OK only.




Pork Okonomiyaki (RM16.80)

The okonomiyaki is made from pork slice, flour, eggs, onion slices and shredded cabbage. Served on a hot plate to keep the heat on the pancake. To add on the yumminess, is the sweet taste okonomiyaki sauce and mayonaise. For a good finale, this dish is served with a soup bowl of Dashi flakes where you can dip the flakes with the sauce. This combination just sums up a complete meal of the okonomiyaki. Is really our first time trying this, and we would personally rank this as a MUST TRY.



Gyoza (RM12.80)

The gyoza is very well done. Not too burnt, the colour is just nice. The skin texture and the filling is just the right size. Is not too oily too. Gyoza is a mixture of minced pork, nira, sesame oil, garlic and ginger wrapped into a thin dough shape. It is dipped together with the soy based tare sauce seasoned with rice vinegar.




Our experience here was favourable, we love the setting and the environment. No long queue. Not very spacious. You might want to reconsider if you come in large groups. Service and staffs are great. Attending to our needs most of the time.


Food Rating :  6 /10

Environment Rating : 7 /10

Service Rating : 7 /10


Buta O Special : RM25.80

Spicy Chicken Hot Stone Rice : RM18.80

Pork Okonomiyaki : RM16.80

Gyoza : RM12.80

Green Tea : RM1.80

Service Charge 10%


Location : 

3F-21A, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Contact : 

+604 646 8828

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 10:30am – 10:30pm

Nearby :

Sushi Tei / Hot Star / Kurtos Spiroll

GPS Coordinates :


Map :

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Okomen Japanese Restaurant

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  1. Reply
    Penang Ho Chiak November 18, 2013

    Nice review!! :-)

    How does the food compare to other Japanese restaurants, like this one? :-)


  2. Reply
    Quinn November 22, 2013

    One of our favourite Jap restaurants! Okonomiyaki is a must-try ;)

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