Brew Thirty Two Coffee House @ Jalan Green Hall, Georgetown, Penang

Mille crepe has been the talk of the town in Penang heritage cafes lately. Every new cafe is heavily promoting the laid back mood / fun / relax / chillax mood in town after their heritage walk or a relaxing tea area for reunions. From Mugshot Cafe to Moustache House to Twelve Cups and now, Brew Thirty Two Coffee House. What first caught my attention was the mural at the bottom. “Unique” would be the word i use to describe the mural. It can be some what disturbing and disgusting to some but trust me, you will be so tempted to imitate the figure or post with he-she. :D Browse down to see on your own….

Brew Thirty Two Coffee House, the new hit in town since June’13. They have proper tables prepared for college students (next door) to study / take a break from their long hours of study. They have a more comfy area with sofas for those chillax folks. They even have an ample of space for people to walk around and mingle upstairs. Their concept is simple/ neat and tidy. The place is not too crowded eventhough it is the peak hours when we visited.

Located at Jalan Green Hall. Nearby the Fort Cornwallies/ Dewan Sri Pinang / situated right after Convent Light Street school / Opposite Segi College. It is nearby to the Port Swettenham as well, so for those docking by in Penang for a short 3-4 hours, you can always consider to swing by this cafe to check out/ kill time and relax before boarding.

On their menu is their mille crepe cakes, a crepe is a type of thin pancake usually made from wheat flour/ buckwheat flour origin from French, deriving from the latin crispa meaning curled. Often crepes are served with a variety of fillings, as simple as caramelized sugar. Mille crepe is in a form of many crepe layers. The word mille means a thousand, implying many layers transforming it to a cake.



Rum & Raisin Crepe (RM11.90)

Slightly strong rum taste for my liking. Alcholic. Not too creamy taste just nice, because it was slightly frozen when served so we had to wait for awhile before we can eat it. You can also taste the raisin upon munching :) the crepe texture is slightly dense and moist.



Peanut Butter Blueberry Crepe (RM11.90)

For this, i was hoping to have more peanut butter and blueberry jam spread onto each layers. It would enhance the taste of the peanut butter or blueberry stronger vs the milky creamy taste of the crepe. I personally think the taste can be improved as every crepe should tell its’ own story upon the first bite.



Nutella Banana Crepe (RM11.90)

Nutella is the best and MUST TRY. The chocolate taste goes very well the fresh slices banana and two layers with nutella spread. The texture is slightly softer upon the first slice. The crepe is moist and flavorful, with a delightful array of textures in each bite. Not too chocolaty that your would want to drink more water while eating. Also, i was hoping to have maybe 2-3 more extra layers of nutella spread. :)



Macadamia Crepe (RM11.90)

This crepe has a strong milky taste and the macadamia nuts are slightly on the little side, the crepe texture is slightly dense, creamy and on the sweeter side. When promoting a macadamia crepe, the selling point is the macadamia. To have a richer taste, they should put more nuts rather than the creamy milk taste. After the 6th spoon, one would probably feel satiated.


Kiwi Ice-Blended (RM11.50)

Another MUST TRY. As we slurp down the icy cold ice blended kiwi, it just felt so refreshing and healthy. I love the texture.. i love the taste.. fruity taste and not too soury, my guess is they added abit of sugar and blend it with pure kiwis. Love the simple presentation.




While waiting for our food, we sabotage their table deco abit. Did i mention about their unique water glasses. I just love them and will try to look for them for my own use :)






Check out lame faces with the mural lady !:)


Lovely environment, simple presentation. Only drawback is that, they have very limited parking space outside their shop. We didn’t have to wait very long for our food to be served. Good place to hang out and do some reunions for big groups. Friendly staffs and great service :) They do serve coffee too, but it was out of service when we visited this other day. Pricey, maybe a little but it is pretty much the same with the other cafes :(


Food Rating :  6.5 /10

Environment Rating : 8.5 /10

Service Rating : 7 /10


Rum & Raisin Crepe : RM11.90

Peanut Butter Blueberry Crepe : RM11.90

Nutella Banana Crepe : RM11.90

Macadamia Crepe : RM11.90

Kiwi Ice-Blended : RM11.50


Location : 

32, Jalan Green Hall, Georgetown, 10200 Penang

Contact : 

+6012-400 9633

Opening Hours :

Sun – Thu : 10.30am – 10.30pm

Fri – Sat : 10.30am – 12.00am

Nearby :

Fort Cornwallies/ Dewan Sri Pinang / Convent Light Street / Opposite Segi College

GPS Coordinates :

5.422579, 100.339862

Map :

View Larger Map


Brew Thirty Two Coffee House

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