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Brew Thirty Two Coffee House @ Jalan Green Hall, Georgetown, Penang

Mille crepe has been the talk of the town in Penang heritage cafes lately. Every new cafe is heavily promoting the laid back mood / fun / relax / chillax mood in town after their heritage walk or a relaxing tea area for reunions. From Mugshot Cafe to Moustache House to Twelve Cups and now, Brew Thirty Two Coffee House. What first caught my attention was the mural at the bottom. “Unique” would be the word i use to describe the mural. It can be some what disturbing and disgusting to some but trust me, you will be so tempted to imitate the figure or post with he-she. :D Browse down to see on your own….

Brew Thirty Two Coffee House, the new hit in town since June’13. They have proper tables prepared for college students (next door) to study / take a break from their long hours of study. They have a more comfy area with sofas for those chillax folks. They even have an ample of space for people to walk around and mingle upstairs. Their concept is simple/ neat and tidy. The place is not too crowded eventhough it is the peak hours when we visited.

Located at Jalan Green Hall. Nearby the Fort Cornwallies/ Dewan Sri Pinang / situated right after Convent Light Street school / Opposite Segi College. It is nearby to the Port Swettenham as well, so for those docking by in Penang for a short 3-4 hours, you can always consider to swing by this cafe to check out/ kill time and relax before boarding.

On their menu is their mille crepe cakes, a crepe is a type of thin pancake usually made from wheat flour/ buckwheat flour origin from French, deriving from the latin crispa meaning curled. Often crepes are served with a variety of fillings, as simple as caramelized sugar. Mille crepe is in a form of many crepe layers. The word mille means a thousand, implying many layers transforming it to a cake.


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Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine @ Jalan Sungai Dua, Gelugor, Penang

Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine has been in business for 9-10 years now serving chinese style dishes and steamboat. Wang Chao’s award -winning chef bagging the Gold Medalist of the World Golden Chef Competition in year 2005 has his ways in melting our hearts. It is usually packed at night, so we decided to visit the place in the afternoon. The setting is very homey feeling, cozy environment, and reasonable price.

Chase is a huge fan of steamboat, so when we saw the deal on Groupon, quickly we purchase it. It was a very worthwhile deal. 600g of Snapper Fish Steamboat Set for 5 people at RM32 instead of RM58. What we got from the deal, 600g whole snapper fish including the fish bone, bee hoon noodles, yao mak, slice abalone, cubed tofu and black mushroom with the soup base choice of clear herbal chicken / tomyam.


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Okomen Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Okonomi means ‘what you want’ or ‘what toy like’ while Yaki means grilled or cooked. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake. Okonomiyaki is widely available throughout Kansai or Hiroshima areas of Japan savour it differently. It was first invented in WW2. Okonomiyaki is prepared much like a pancake. The batter made from flour, grated nagaimo, eggs, shredded cabbages, slices of onions and pork mixed alll together and fried on both sides on a hot plate/pan using a metal spatula. The spatula is later used to slice the dish when it has finished cooking. Usually savour together with the okonomiyaki sauce and dashi/aonori/katsuobushi flakes.

Okomen Japanese Restaurant, is the new restaurant in Queensbay Mall. Unlike other Japanese restaurants, they specialize in okonomiyaki and ramen instead of sushi and sashimi. It has been a long wait for Penang folks for the opening of both Okomen and Sushi Tei situated at the north zone inside the mall.


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Hair In Mention Studio @ Jalan Burma, Georgetown, Penang

Greeting customers with their unique green windows panes, black and white signboard in the refurbished Peranankan-style heritage building. Hair In Mention Studio officially open on 12/09/13 offering a variety of hair services locating at Jalan Burma. Close to the local landmarks of Tune Hotel – Downtown Penang. The salon is accessible via Lorong Swatow and Jalan Kedah as well.

With professional hair therapists with more than 10 years of experience, you get a CUT, WASH and BLOW package worth RM42 for just RM10. Giving you a silky hair and a refreshing look despite any hair length.

Do check out their fb page at :

Hair In Mention Studio (


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Draw N Go Cafe @ Tingkat Tembaga, Greenlane, Penang

Draw N Go Cafe! What first caught my eye was the name itself! And the huge and unique menu. We got to know about this place from the Groupon promo. If you are interested in lamb chops or lamb burgers. Here’s where you should try :)


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The Twelve Cups @ The Whiteaways Arcade, Georgetown, Penang

Weekend again! We decided to date each other again, along Beach Street for tea time. I heard my friends talking about this Twelve Cups but we have never been able to find time to go. To cut the story short. We came!

What impresses me most is the overall environment, is just LOVELY. Since is Tea, we each order a crepe and shared a cup of smoothie.


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