Black Canyon @ Gurney Plaza, Georgetown, Penang

Paragon Mall, which is probably the most happening mall in Penang currently, was newly opened last weekend. We foresaw that most Penangites would be heading there to check out the new mall so we detoured to Gurney Plaza instead.

Along the Gurney alfresco dining area, there were some new restaurants which caught our eye and one of which was Black Canyon Coffee. For those of you unfamiliar with this restaurant, it is a Thai chain restaurant which has branches in various parts of Malaysia. They serve Thai cuisine and a relatively large selection of coffee for you coffee lovers.

They offer a few set meals according to the number of diners you have, as well as other a la carte options. Since there were 4 of us, we ordered Set E (RM49.90) for 4 pax. The price is affordable and portions were just nice.

First on the menu,


Spicy Seafood Tom Yum

The tomyum soup is moderately spicy and has some slight sourness. While the seafood ingredients were common like what you would find in any other tomyum soups, they were fresh so it is worth a try.


Minced Chicken & Hot Basil with Fried Eggs ( Pad-Kra-Praw )

The minced chicken meat goes very well with the Fried Eggs. The chicken meat is on the dry side thought so it would be best to savour the meat, egg and sauce together.


Stir Fried Combination of Prawn, Chicken & Chili

A must try. The sauce is cooked together with the egg hence it is a little spicy yet sweet. The prawn and chicken pieces gave the dish some extra texture which made us crave for more after the first try! :D


Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

The vegetables were rather ordinary and lacked some originality or added taste They have baby corn, cabbage, cauliflower and carrots.


Water Chestnut (RM4.90) (Thab Thim Krob) 

Thab Thim Krob is a famous Thai dessert served in most of the Thai restaurants. It is very refreshing after tasting a bowl of hot spicy tom yum and other rich main courses. It tastes slightly different from others with a sweet pandan taste as I chew on the crunchy water chestnut bits. I believe they may have soaked the chestnut bits with the pandan leaves hence the sweet taste. It was served together with santan and it was very nice.

We always make it a point to order this dessert whenever we visit a Thai restaurant as it never fails to help cleanse our palate and end the meal.

Some shops also serve it with strips of jackfruit for some added munch to the sweet dish.


Chat Thai Yen (Left) RM7.90 / Mocha Ice-Blended with Ice-Cream (Right) RM11.90

We ordered the Thai iced milk tea and Mocha Ice Blended for our drinks. The Thai milk tea has a strong tea taste which is different from the Chinese or English tea, not to my liking but it was not bad.

The Mocha was pleasant to sip on as the texture is smooth unlike other ice blended drinks which usually have coarse ice bits. It also wasn’t too sweet and has a strong coffee taste.



The ambience was nice and not too packed during lunch time for a weekend. If you are not hungry for a meal, you can just grab a coffee and chill along the alfresco dining area. A great place for gathering too for those of you who craves good food but tight on cash :)


Food Rating : 8 /10

Environment Rating : 8 /10

Service Rating : 7 /10


Set E : RM49.90 consists of

[ Spicy Seafood Tom Yum

Minced Chicken & Hot Basil with Fried Eggs ( Pad-Kra-Praw )

Stir Fried Combination of Prawn, Chicken & Chili

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

Steam Rice X 4 ]

Water Chestnut : RM4.90

Chat Thai Yen : RM7.90

Mocha Ice-Blended with Ice-Cream : RM11.90


Location : 

170-G-41, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown, Penang


+604 226 3605

Opening Hours :

Mon – Sun (Daily) : 10am – 10pm

Nearby :

Paragon Mall / Kelawei Road / Inside Gurney Plaza


Black Canyon Coffee

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