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Moustache Houze @ Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang

Tea break in Moustache Houze felt just like home, comfy and cozy. I first got to know about this place was thru my friends. Caving in to the hype, I jumped up and asked Chase to join me for tea on this makan-n-relax Saturday. So here we are..

Moustache is located right in the middle of the heritage trail-Campbell Street. Selling a cute concept and its trademark,presenting….the Moustache. While we savor our tea, we manage to bathe in the cutesy café accented by unique decor, murals and furniture.

The laidback atmosphere is also complimented by unique drinks and cakes.


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Spade’s Burger @ Pekaka Square, Sungai Dua, Penang

Here we are on a burger quest, today new in the menu is Spade’s Burger. Situated at the 2nd Maxim Dim Sum Shop, Pekaka Square. In the morning, Maxim Dim Sum is open for business until up to 12pm. They actually have two shops, Spade’s Burger takes over in the evening to night time. Spade’s Burger is right beside the U-Soya Shop. They don’t have an actual shop name board up.

Spade’s menu is simple too! They have Chicken Patty/ Beef Patty / Famous Pork Patty and the new Mushroom Burger (Vege style). To go with the burger, we ordered their Potato Strips with AWESOME Sauce as side dish. It is always a must to have your burger with fries for us :)


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Cosabel @ AutoWorld Complex, Butterworth, Penang

Opening in AutoWorld, Cosabel The Hair Removal Expert. Cosabel uses Guinot skin products from Paris and using specialize machines imported from Korea. Their services include hair removal for lower legs or upper arms, and another session for underarms, upper lip, chin or bikini line. The SHR (Super Hair Removal) treatment elimates hair follicles by gradually heating the skin dermis to a certain temperature without injuring the surrounding tiieus and is also suitable for skin with high melanin levels. Their package not only help remove the excessive hairs but they allow the customer to have a long lasting hairlessness with finer regrowth and includes armpit whitening which allows our dark tone part whiten and evens out the skin tone colour.

They currently have two outlets in Penang, one is in E-Gate and another one is in AutoWorld Complex. The photos below are taken at their new branch in AutoWorld Complex:


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Ding Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat @ Straits Quay, Tanjung Pinang, Penang

Sinful weekend ..I purchased five coupon vouchers from Groupon to try out Ding Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat in Straits Quay for the weekend. Each table has 2 hobs, one for the BBQ and the other one for the steamboat. The restaurant uses a smokeless charcoal grill and a two soup pot for each table. It would be recommended to have 4 people per table. They also use the kanban belt as the chain to transport food.  

Being the first customer, we were all excited waiting for the food to start coming onto the chain. First, was the sauces. They have 4 different type of sauces (Red Chilli/Red Chilli with garlic/Green Chilli/Red sweet sauce) and 1 fried garlic. Followed by different type of vegetables….


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Sakana Sushi Bar & Cuisine @ Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang

Sakana Sushi Bar & Cuisine has had several promotions on Groupon Malaysia already, but this time they are offering something different than usual: 6-course Japanese meal for 10 people! Their promo consist of  sushis, sashimis, teriyaki, salad, shioyakis and one plate of fruit platter. Scroll down to check out their real deal !

Sakana Sushi Bar & Cuisine is a franchise from UK. Located at the intersection of Hutton Lane and Penang Road. It is located at the famous tourist street in Penang where you can also have the famous Cendul, Laksa and Char Koay Teow all together. Like every sushi bar, they have a sushi belt which serves a wide range of sushi, gunkan, aburi and nigiri. Not only that, they have an open kitchen where the customers can see how their sushi, handrolls and sashimi is made real time.


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Pacific Coffee Company @ Gurney Paragon, Georgetown, Penang

Twas a fruitful weekend! As many of you know, we usually spend our weekends eating, blogging and venturing around places. This week we did something extra- we helped my brother with some wedding banquet research. *excited* yay!!! We went to GHotel, Gurney Hotel for the bridal shows and stop by a few hotels to scour the best prices.

Before the long day, though, we needed to fill up our hungry tummies.

Most of the shops in Paragon don’t serve breakfast, so we came upon Pacific Coffee Company. We have to admit, we never knew they serve breakfast- so chancing upon their breakfast sets definitely serves as a pleasant surprise! :) To add on, the portions are also reasonable and filling too!


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