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Stacks Burger @ Siam Road, Georgetown, Penang

Stacks Burger has been around for quite some time now. Since the burger craze has yet to die down, we decided to make time to try out their burgers. It was originally located near the infamous UMNO building but have moved to Siam Road.

Their menu is fairly simple, which by default consists of a Smoked BBQ Pork Burger Patty and Charcoal Burger Bun priced at RM8.80.

For those of you craving for something extra, the surcharges for additional items are fairly affordable :

Pork Patty (RM3.80)  / Cheddar Cheese (RM1.20) / Griddle-Fried Egg (RM1.00) / Streaky Bacon (RM1.50)

Pineapple Ring (RM1.00) and Mozzarella Cheese (RM2.00)


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Tao Cuisine @ Juru Autocity, Seberang Prai, Penang

TAO AUTHENTIC ASIAN CUISINE offers a ALL-U-CAN-EAT buffet. It serves Japanese and Chinese Fusion Food to cater to your taste buds.. This affordable buffet chain serves unlimited sashimi, sushi, salad and fruits corner and etc.

How does this work? So, each table is given a menu and you can just place any order you wish; they serve the dishes a la carte hence the dishes are served warm and fresh unlike other buffet chains. They also offer a list of free flow drinks ( Peach Tea/ Ice Lemon Tea/ Green Tea/ Coffee/ Milo) to choose from. You can then start your meal with a light salad and some appetizers from the salad bar at the side. The waiter who took your orders will come back with a list of printed papers on what you order.

Noted: Portions are small and service may not be as fast during peak hours. So order a lot ahead. :)


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JU LIE Food & Beverage @ Terrace Plus, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Lye Lee Food & Beverage shop has changed it’s name to JU LIE Food & Beverage. We also notice there is another Lye Lee opening at the same AREA! ( We’ll keep you updated! STAY TUNED) 

Fresh crab porridge in Bayan Lepas! Recommended by one of my friends as the place to go for some wholesome, healthy fare,  Lye Lee, which apparently has branches in Farlim & even Nibong Tebal, offers a variety of food including seafood porridge, noodles and steamboat.

For the steamboat, they have 2 different types of soup bases, Siakap (Asian Seabass) or Grouper. For our first visit here, we ordered the fried Siakap  steamboat (medium-for about 4pax; the price of which is also kinder to our wallets) and a bowl of crab porridge.


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Supermoon @ Penang

According to the news, 23th June 2013 (one month ago) is the day where the moon will appear 14% larger than normal and it will be about 222,000 miles from Earth. To be honest the moon on that day did not appear as big as I expected. Anyway, I did grab my camera and tripod to take a shot of the “Supermoon”. :)


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Fooyo @ Prangin Mall, Georgetown, Penang

Something brand new in town – Fooyo fried fresh fruit ice cream. It was the second time we visited this place. Hence we were given one free yogurt upon ordering one fried ice-cream. How unique. Fried ice-cream. Curious? Is not like those ice-cream inside fried bun. They actually cut the fresh fruit and  mixed it with some milk and then fry it on the pancake pan. Instead of using, 40-50 C, they use -1/-2 C to harden the milk and fillings. And less than a few minutes,the contents harden  and it is scrapped up into a roll.


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Ric’s Burger @ The One Terrace Plus, Bayan Baru, Penang

Ric’s Burger, previously known as Oink Oink Burger, is famed for their pork burgers! They serve nothing but their specialty pork burger. The restaurant was recently opened about half a year ago and this is actually our fourth time dining there.

To some of you, Ric’s is not unfamiliar as they have been operating in Pasar Malams (Night Markets) around Penang for quite some time before they decide to settle down in this humble shop.

What’s on the menu :


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